Legal Information Seminars

Knowledge is your greatest asset and you can use it to understand the consequences of your decisions.

Legal information for separated/divorcing or divorced couples on:

  • Maintenance
  • Division of Assets
  • Parenting Plans
  • Contact Schedules
  • “Custody” and “Access”

This seminar provides attendees with legal information, according to the relevant legislation and is presented for the public to understand how to structure their settlements and divorce orders.

It provides insight on how to communicate effectively through alternate processes and how to negotiate in the best interests of your family.

This seminar will also explain the terms as used by lawyers and understand the clauses written in their court documents.

Please contact us to find out when we are hosting our next seminar, or we can arrange a special one-on-one session for you, or even one at your workplace as part of their wellness programme. Bryanston Drive, Sandton, South Africa